Monday, November 4, 2019

Service Account password resets for FIM CM / MIM CM service accounts

Microsoft's identity manager - Certificate management product has several different service accounts associated with its internal functions as well as an IIS application pool account.  For best practices, it is always good to periodically change service account passwords.  For this product, the account passwords are not configured on windows services, or other easily identifiable locations, so automated password management tools won't be very helpful.

To start with, you want to identify all of your service accounts what roles they perform.  If you are unsure, logon to your CM server and open up the:  \Program Files\Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager\2010\Certificate Management\web folder.  Open the web.config file and look for the section labelled "CLM USERS".  Under this you will find keys for usernames for each component.

Open up a command prompt and go to the CM folder path, and BIN subfolder.  In this folder, there is a tool called clmutil, which will be used to enter the new account passwords.  The account name values in this tool don't perfectly line up with what is in the webconfig.  They are

WebConfig      ->    clmutil
AuthzAgent            authAgent
Agent                      agent
CAManager            caMngr
RecoveryAgent       krAgent
EnrollAgent            enrollagent

Start by going to Active Directory and creating a new strong password for each account.  Make note of the passwords for each username, and ensure you match up your usernames to the roles above.

For each of the accounts, run the clmutil, ex:

clmutil -setacctpwd authAgent  "mynewPassword"

Once you have entered the new account passwords matching each of the service account's roles, open up IIS administration.  Look in the application pools for clmAppPool.  Check the identity of the pool.  For the service account associated with that, do a password reset in Active Directory.  Open the advanced settings for the application pool, click the ... button on the identity value.  Click the set button.  Enter the username and the new password, then click ok, ok, ok.

Now that you have reset all of the passwords, run an iisreset on the server.  Ensure everything is working after that.  If you have additional FIM/MIM CM server nodes, you will need to enter the passwords on each one.

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