Thursday, September 26, 2019

FIM/MIM certificate manager, can't enroll due to wrong number of attributes

Certificate manager can be picky about x86 and x64 versions of Internet Explorer and the CM client software.  In the past, I've had cases where the x64 client needed to be installed and x64 IE used.  Other times both needed to be x86.  Recently I hit this "wrong number of arguments" error while issuing a card in a newly built environment.  The issue was resolved by running the x64 bit version of IE with the x86 version of the client installed.  For newer windows OS, the link to IE should default to the x64, but older ones may point to x86.  In the two "program files" directories, you can get to the correct .exe version if you really want to make sure you have the right one.


"2019-07-07 18:48:53.85 -07" "Microsoft.Clm.BusinessLayer.SmartCard.SmartCard" "Void EnrollFailed(Microsoft.Clm.Common.Requests.Request, System.String, Boolean, System.String)" "CONTOSO\CertAdminGuy" "CONTOSO\CertAdminGuy" 0x000004D8 0x00000004

Enroll sequence failed. Smart Card UUID: c1e07453-4610-46cf-b9f2-4e0b819eda80 OnIntall: False Error: Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment

"2019-07-07 18:48:53.95 -07" "Microsoft.Clm.Web.Modules.BaseCspUserControl" "Void ProcessClientMessage(Microsoft.Clm.BusinessLayer.SmartCard.BaseCsp.Serialization.bcspClientMsg)" "CONTOSO\CertAdminGuy" "CONTOSO\CertAdminGuy" 0x000004D8 0x00000004

1) Exception Information

Exception Type: Microsoft.Clm.BusinessLayer.SmartCard.BaseCsp.ClientException
Number: -2146827838
Message: Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment
Data: System.Collections.ListDictionaryInternal
TargetSite: Microsoft.Clm.BusinessLayer.SmartCard.BaseCsp.ServerMessage Fail()
HelpLink: NULL
Source: Microsoft.Clm.BusinessLayer

StackTrace Information

   at Microsoft.Clm.BusinessLayer.SmartCard.BaseCsp.EnrollProtocol.Fail()
   at Microsoft.Clm.BusinessLayer.SmartCard.BaseCsp.Protocol.HandleError()
   at Microsoft.Clm.BusinessLayer.SmartCard.BaseCsp.Protocol.ProcessClientMessage()
   at Microsoft.Clm.BusinessLayer.SmartCard.BaseCsp.Protocol.ProcessClientMessage(Guid requestUuid, bcspClientMsg clientMsg)
   at Microsoft.Clm.Web.Modules.BaseCspUserControl.ProcessClientMessage(bcspClientMsg msg)

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