Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Sharing files to Hyper-V guest when network is restricted

In some cases of Hyper-V usage, most likely on desktop machines, you may end up in a situation where network between the host machine and your guest isn't working.  VPN clients, IP address space overlap or other software may interfere.  There is an easy, though more time consuming way to transfer files back and forth.  This method isn't very useful for heavily used machines, but if you have a standard set of files that you want to make available to the guest machine, it will work.

In your host machine, go to disk management and right click on the Disk Management tool icon.  There are two options here for creating VHD and attaching VHD.  Create a disk with the appropriate size and type.  On the list of disks in the displace, right click on the device's details (left side, not the graphical space/partition area).  Initialize the disk.  Create a simple volume/format.  Now the drive will appear as a disk on your system.  Copy what you need into the disk, detach it and then make it available to your VM by adding it as a disk. 

If you add the hard drive as a scsi device, you can add it while the VM is running.  Once its added, open disk management in the VM and look for the new drive, which will be in an offline state.  Online it and it will now be accessible.  Do what you need to do with it and then you can offline the disk again.  Before you can reattach it to the host, you will need to remove the hard drive configuration from the VM's settings.

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