Thursday, November 12, 2015

Linux Mint user not listed on logon prompt

I tried adding a few accounts to a linux mint laptop for my kids. When using the GUI users tool, it ended up hanging when trying to create the accounts, so I went back to the normal command line tools for user creation. The accounts were created and were able to logon, by hitting esc to get a username prompt at the gui logon. When trying to find a solution for this, most people point to the UID value needing to be over 1000. The accounts that I created were 1002 and 1003, so no luck with that solution. This setting is in /etc/mdm/mdm.conf, in the [greeter] section, MinimalUID=1000. After digging around and looking at the working accounts, I noticed the command line tools missed some of the user details in /etc/passwd. Column #5 (user ID info was missing) and shell was left blank. For the working users, column #5 had the username and 3 comma's after it. After adding this to /etc/passwd, all accounts were listed as they should be.

Non-functional entry:

Functional Entry:

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