Wednesday, April 15, 2015

(SCOM) Checking to see if AD Helper object has been installed

This script will check all of the domain controllers in the current domain for the presence of oomads (AD Helper Object). It uses jobs to help speed things up as the WMI product query is very slow. Once all jobs finish it will dump the results in csv type format.

$domaindetail = get-addomain
$domaincontrollers = $domaindetail.ReplicaDirectoryServers + $domaindetail.ReadOnlyReplicaDirectoryServers
foreach ($dc in $domaincontrollers) {
 invoke-command -computer $dc -scriptblock {
  $oomads = gwmi -query "select caption from win32_product where identifyingnumber='{3696BAB3  -3B1B-42C3-8D46-1898E59E7C84}'"|select caption
  if ($oomads -ne $null) {
   write-output -input ($env:computername + ",INSTALLED")
  } else {
   write-output -input ($env:computername + ",NOTINSTALLED")
 } -asjob -jobname ("$dc-oomads")
#these queries are slow, so we need to wait on the jobs to finish
while ( (get-job |where {$ -match "oomad" -and $_.state -eq "Running"}) -ne $null) {
 sleep 30
get-job |where {$ -match "oomad"} |Receive-Job
get-job |where {$ -match "oomad"} |Remove-Job

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