Monday, March 31, 2014

FIM CM Portal problems

Lately I have been working a lot with the FIM CM portal in support of end users trying to perform self service operations in mixed environment of OS's and versions of IE.  Below are some problems seen, and some suggested workarounds that may help others with the same issues.  From experience, it looks like the portal has problems caused by ActiveX security settings, IE compatibility mode required as well as FIM CM client architecture support issues.

Some ways to get around problems with FIM CM portal:

1) CM portal site is in trusted sites, yet user is getting repeat prompts for logon to the page.  The OS security logs on the portal server show success, yet IIS is not accepting it and ends up at access denied.

Solution to try:  Internet Explorer options -> Security tab ->  Check "Enable Protected Mode", and set security levels to Low.  Restart IE

2)  User is able to get into FIM CM portal, but whenever they click on an operation, nothing happens.  Problem with javascript in the links

Solutions to try:
a) Set compatibility mode for the site.  In newer versions of IE, you can find this in the tools menu
b) Internet Explorer options -> Security tab -> Set security level to Low.  Refresh the page

3) BaseCSP error on smart card operations

Solutions to try:
a)  For XP machines, ensure the BaseCSP hotfix is installed (KB909520)
b)  Ensure the FIM CM Client is installed (displays as "Forefront Identity Manager CM Client" in add/remove programs)
c)  Internet Explorer options -> Security tab -> Set security level to Low.  Refresh the page
d)  If the client machine is x64 bit OS
    1) Check the version of the installed FIM client (what "program files" folder is it under, x86 or the main one).  Try to run the IE version that matches the version of the FIM client
    2)  (IE11) Internet options -> Advanced tab -> Check "Enable 64-bit processes for enhanced protected mode" or "Enabled Enhanced Protected Mode" if you don't have the first option.  Do this if you have the 64 bit FIM CM Client and are running IE 64bit, yet it still fails.
    3)  If you have the 64 bit client installed, and both versions of IE fail, and step #2 isn't available, remove the 64 bit client and install the 32bit client
e)  Ensure ActiveX filtering is off.  This may show up in the address bar as an icon saying components are filtered.  Or you can look in the tools menu to see if it is checked (not all versions of IE have this)
e)  Repair or reinstall the FIM CM client

4) Slow/hanging operations.  Look at 64bit/32bit IE as mentioned in BaseCSP problems.  You may want to try the other version of IE.

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