Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Get-wmiobject "User credentials cannot be used for local connections"

In Advanced event 2 of the 2013 scripting games, I was going through scripts and thinking it was very strange that people were creating separate blocks of code to do get-wmiobject calls that involved the local machine. This is somewhat disturbing when you are writing code that hits a long list of machines that may include your own local machine. Having to add all the constant checks to see if you are on the local machine seems like a bit of a pain. I can't think of any great work around for this that isn't going to cause additional problems, but you could just let the call fail and pick it up in a catch block. One other option, which creates seperate powershell processes would be:

start-job -credential $cred -scriptblock {get-wmiobject -class yourclass -computer $args[0]} -argumentlist $computer

Then go back and receive-job on the output to process it.

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