Monday, June 4, 2012

Trinity - summed up in one verse

I have seen a lot of attempts to wrap the idea of trinity (God being 3 in 1), by projecting this philosophy on to various verses in ways that make the verse mean other than what it obviously means. In other cases, there were fabricated verses inserted into the bible. And in more we have people attempting to explain away glaring contradictions by saying Jesus didn't know he was God, or was only human at that specific time...basically grasping at straws with no knowledge of the incident in question. I thought I would sum up the trinity in one verse using basic logic. The verse:

Mark 10:18       (Comparitive translations)

"Why do you call me good?" Jesus answered. "No one is good--except God alone."

This is in response to a man just calling Jesus "Good teacher" and asking for guidance on how to get eternal life. Since Jesus was a teacher of goodness and called people to the truth, this would be an appropriate title to address him with. But Jesus responds that only God is good. Lets look at this from the perspective of Jesus and God being part of a trinity.

In Trinity: Jesus = God
In Logic: Jesus says only God is good, thus stating that he is not, by his rejection of the man's
               assertion Jesus = Good, he implies Jesus != Good 
               If Jesus = God, Jesus would be the same entity and (Jesus = Good) must also be true.

Since he is rejecting this statement, then this must be true:
               Jesus != God 

Additionally, in the verse, the word used is "God", not "The Father".  So there is no means that anyone could try to say that they are still the same essence, with one being better than the other in some way.

Besides the logical argument, look how Jesus reacts to the statement.  He could have ignored it, or assumed it was a simple compliment, but he instead immediately redirected the focus to the One that is worthy of all praise...OUR LORD.  Jesus stated that the most important commandment is the first commandment; the oneness of God.  This is a perfect demonstation of giving God what is due to Him, as Jesus said, I of myself can do nothing.

There are many obvious verses that point to this truth. Even verses used to "prove" the trinity, do more to disprove it than they do to support it. I hope the Christians of the world contemplate deeply about the nature of their faith and the source of their book. Look deep for truth.  Ask yourself why none of the messengers talked about trinity or God being multiple parts.  When asked what is the most important of commandments, Jesus stated in Mark 12:29 that is the first: "Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one."  Jesus points out that he is an example to follow, yet none follow his ways of doing things. For the sincere of faith, and the one that truly wants success in thereafter, pray as Jesus prayed (Matthew 26:39) and ask our Lord (the father) for guidance to see truth and to know the way to return to him with success.  It would be a tragedy if the good works you do are in vain because you haven't applied the first commandment.

Start looking for answers with sincerity.
A good place to start, The true message of Jesus

For some more points to consider, please view some points from my next post.

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