Thursday, January 26, 2012

PSRemoting out of memory (NTDSUTIL)

I'm in the process of creating a domain controller build automation script.  One of the steps I had hoped to achieve was to connect to the nearest 2008R2 domain controller and run the ntdsutil scripted command:

ntdsutil ifm "activate instance ntds" ifm "create sysvol full d:\ifm"

on the remote system.  This can be done through invoke-command with this command as the scriptblock, however it was failing with a JET out of memory exception.

     Target Database: d:\ifm\Active Directory\ntds.dit

                  Defragmentation  Status (% complete)

          0    10   20   30   40   50   60   70   80   90  100
          ........Operation terminated with error -1011( JET_errOutOfMemory, Out of Memory ).
 error 0x800720d9(A database error has occurred.)

Searching around a bit, led to finding the WSMAN limitations of per shell memory.  Configured as:

Set-Item WSMan:\localhost\Shell\MaxMemoryPerShellMB 1024

Configuring this on the local machine (the non-domain controller) didn't help.  Trying to configure it on the remote machine with invoke-command gives access denied.  To work on the remote machine, I found this helpful article which shows the Connect-wsman commandlet connecting to a remote machine:

connect-wsman remotemachine
set-item wsman:\remotemachine\Shell\MaxMemoryPerShellMB 1024

This setting chance was enough to complete the IFM collection on the remote machine.

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