Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Managing odd services in group policy

If you feel that using group policy to manage system services for security purposes is a good idea, and you want to block certain services that typically won't be in the list of services in the edit console, there are several ways to get around this. One suggestion (the hard way, and bad way), is to have the service installed on a machine, and edit the GPO from that machine. That will work, but it is time consuming, and may open up security problems just to set up the GPO.

The easier way is to create a GPO and pick any service from the list. Use this service to set whatever permissions, start type, and other options you want. From here you can either backup the GPO, or just directly edit the files in sysvol. In the policy you will see 3 folders:


The services are under machine, so open this. Drill down through Microsoft-> Windows NT->SecEdit and open the GptTmpl.inf in notepad. From here you can see a section called [Service General Settings]. One example line here for a vnc service:


Here we have the service name (this is not the display name you see in the services MMC. It is the service name you use with "net start" or how you find it in the registry. You can get this with psservice or sc.exe). Since we already set up all the other settings that we want, we can keep all the ACL information in place, and just change the name of the service that is in the first set of quotations. Edit what you want, add more services if you need and save.

If you backed up the GPO before editing it, you can just import this information into a new GPO object. If you are directly editing sysvol files you may need to update the version details in the same file (and possibly in other files and the GPO AD object), so it is best to go with the backup/restore method and create a new group policy object. This gives versioning flexibility and an easier backout path in case of problems.

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