Monday, August 9, 2010

The ISATAP/WPAD query patch (WINS and DNS)

While working on my powershell netbios name library, I came across the bulletin for blocking by default, all replies for WPAD and ISATAP to Windows WINS and DNS servers. Given that you can register arbitrary DNS host records and wins records without any validation that your source machine has that name, this is a good thing. The problem that this bulletin didn't think to address is the netbios node types of the client machines. Typically clients will be configured as hybrid nodes, which means that if they have netbios enabled, and DNS does not resolve a name for them, they will attempt name resolution with WINS, followed by a IP directed broadcast to their subnet looking for that name. I noticed in netmon captures, that machines are certainly looking for ISATAP and WPAD with great frequency. Some cases show broadcasted queries with FQDN formats of these entries as well. This should be related to the period being a special character in netbios names. I suspect that at some point in the search list suffixes being appended, the resolver passes a DNS format name to netbios resolution and it goes out on the wire like that.

In any case, the fact that these requests are being broadcast out, leaves the original issue open as a security problem. It would be quite trivial to have a malicious machine responding to clients and offering to be their web proxy. Inject some browser exploit of your choice and start pwning machines.

As WINS and netbios is getting quite old, if you really really still need WINS on your network, why not switch your clients to P-Nodes, so they don't broadcast?

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