Monday, January 25, 2010

mod_auth_vas woes

This last week I was assisting some application teams in setting up the Active Directory service account connection in mod_auth_vas. After messing around with some container permissions in AD, we were able to get a successful account created and everything working fine with the setup-mod_auth_vas script. The problem however is that creating accounts manually in AD is a big no-no here. We have an identity management system that requires users to request service accounts, which get tied into ownership and application records. So, after our success, we needed to delete the account and try again the "proper" way.

So we went about the proper process for account creation and moved it to a container, set up all the permissions for the person running the script, and the problems began. The script kept hitting an error of the object already existing. Digging around in the script code pointed to vastool service create. Checking this command only gave an option to create and remove, but not modify. Googling for an answer did not give up anything useful. Most of the discussion was related to the script and how to get it working in certain cases.

Eventually I ran into a document for another Vintella product documentation which had some more detail discussion about setting up the keytab. So after a few attempts, we found a working solution with this:

1) edit AD account UPN to use SPN format
2) setspn -A HTTP/fqdn.of.server Domain\AD-username
3) ktpass -princ HTTP/fqdn.of.server@DOMAIN.DOMAIN.DOMAIN -mapuser AD-username@DOMAIN.DOMAIN.DOMAIN -crypto RC4-HMAC-NT -pass -ptype KRB5_NT_PRINCIPAL -out HTTP.keytab -kvno 255
4) copy the keytab file over to your Vas configuration folder, chgrp daemon HTTP.keytab, chmod 640
5) Configure httpd.conf for mod_auth_vas if it is not done already.

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