Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Linguistics and computers (uyghur)

Recently I had the opportunity to do some ESL language teaching, which required a bit of study into another language to help translate concepts.  When thinking about it, linguistics is very much like computers.  At the very lowest levels of a machine, everything works roughly the same way.  With languages, deep inside our minds we have understandings of concepts and names of things.  How these get abstracted at higher levels varies in their presentation and rules (similar to OS's and applications).  Taking a look at grammar (the rules of the language) is much like trying to figure out programming languages.  They all have different rules, but the purpose behind them is the same.

In any case, the language I was looking (Uyghur) at seems to be very rule oriented and adds a lot of suffixes to words to expand the meanings.  What might normally be multiple other words surrounding it in another language, seems to just get tacked on the end.  For anyone interested in this language, here are some good Uyghur [uighur] language resources.

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