Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rebranding for profit (the fight against bedbugs and pests)

We were going through a market in Singapore this weekend and came across a stand selling an all natural and chemical free insect killer. It came in really small bottles, probably 4oz's total, and looked a lot like this product. Locally it was selling for approximately 12 SGD. The linked product is $29 for an 8oz bottle. The content is Diatomaceous Earth. This works well if you can get the bugs to go into it, but doesn't work so well in a wet environment. With the rain and humidity in Singapore, I have doubts it would work well. The interesting part (rebranding) is the cost. $12 for a few oz is pretty steep for anything. If we shop around a bit we can find a 50 pound bag of this same compound (even certified food grade) for a whole $23 USD on Amazon. Going with the $29 per 8oz branded bottle, if we compare 50lbs (800oz), we have a price that is over 100 times higher for a nice label. Since you would use it up quickly and need to replace it, lets try to avoid the hype. Hopefully someone can provide this useful item at an appropriate price without all the BS marketing.

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