Thursday, May 20, 2010

Scripting games, all wrapped up

2010 Scripting Games--I was there!

So I did get into the scripting games for my first time this year. I started off a few days late, so I missed the first few events. One interesting note was that I seemed to be the only person out there submitting scripts in powershell v1 format. I know v2 has been around for a while, but most of our environment here is still 2003 and some of the people using my scripts are still on XP machines with the same powershell 1 rc1 that got installed on there many years ago. Unfortunately some of these old versions don't uninstall well, so with that and the lack of full upgrades all around, I think its nice to have compatibility. Though looking around at the v2 submissions, I certainly need to upgrade my skills since there are more interesting features to it. People like to go crazy with pipelining though, which is something I can't stand as it is hard to read and harder to debug.

Anyways, as for the contest, it looks like I got up close to the top ten at one point, but all the last minute submissions knocked me back down to 20+. Maybe next time, I will have time to do more advanced events :). They seem too involved and time consuming for now though.

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